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Meet Beacon Meadows… Anthony

Whats going on people. Name’s Anthony, been a lover of Metal/ Rock n roll and Techno and Rap since I could remember but it wasn’t until ’98 when I first heard that monstrous Black album by Metallica that I decided to pick up a guitar. Which that finally came in my early twenties when I was able to actually afford one. Now in my mid twenties I went to a broadcasting school which failed miserably because of drugs and alcohol which made it hard to focus. However I did obtain some knowledge from it which I still use today using both Apple programs. It wasn’t until this year, through long time friend Hippie that I linked up with an old schoolmate MAN3 whom decided to give this whole thing a shot, which of course I was very eager being that it is my first time being involved in anything musical. I am absolutely stoked to be on Beacon Meadows, it’s an honor and a privilege to be here with so many creative artist I can not thank these guys enough. Well dear fans please stick around as we continue creating some excellent madness for your earholes. Rock on baby!!!

Anthony is a guitarist and producer based in Tampa, Florida. He is a member of Kamikaze Moth (with Hippie and MAN3) and also records solo as Dark Seraphim (Christian Metal) and Atomic Reaction (electronic). He has been with Beacon Meadows since 2016.

Meet Beacon Meadows… Jacque

Hi there, my name is Jacquelyn Brubaker, but most people just stick with Jacque. I was born in Tampa, Florida but most of my life I ping-ponged between Texas and Florida. So you could say I was a pilgrim for the growing years of my life growing up. I reside in Tampa,Florida as of now. As far as my photography goes, that’s another story. See,I am an artist. I was before I was a photographer. So anything art related: Art, Fashion/Make-up, Writing, Cooking, Modeling, Making Music and Photography. They are just another way I can express myself. I didn’t have a camera every waking hour of my life growing up. It wasn’t something I stumbled upon. It just kinda happened by itself. Actually, the funny part of the story of how I got into photography was: One day, I was tired of waiting on an unkept promise from a close friend who said she would do photoshoots for me. So one day, I decided to do it myself. It kinda came natural to me. I am growing with my photography. So I hope you can too.

“The only way to express yourself is to show it.”

Just a quote I made up a long time ago.

Jacque is a photographer, painter and writer based in Tampa, Florida, who also works in several other mediums, including music. She is a member of Big As High Trees (with Batrick, MAN3 and Robert Oh). She is Wes’ younger sister and Batrick’s girlfriend. She has been involved with Beacon Meadows since 2012.

Meet Beacon Meadows… Robert Oh

Born out of rendition sedition and vocal collision
Maybe more collusion and illusion to make a sound solution
He is the best that ever was not because he ever was
But because he never was
Whats that thing he always does
Oh ya that distorted fuzz
Well just because!

Robert Oh is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Toronto, Ontario. He manages Beacon Meadows North and is a member of Noble Savage, Noble Salvage (Noble Savage with MAN3), MDM (with MAN3 and J. Matthew Snell), Dr. Robert M.D. (with MAN3), Big Ass High Trees (with Batrick, Jacque and MAN3), Scarbage (with Skunky and Wes), MDFM Hospital Radio (with …Hi, MAN3 and Faiyaz Shah), Letitia On Rocks (with Botchbud, …Hi, MAN3 and Faiyaz Shah), Rise Of The Nobly Wasted (with Aduran De Ronov, Charles Robitaille and Faiyaz Shah) and Hydra-Phonics (with MAN3 and Skunky). He has been with Beacon Meadows since 2009.

Meet Beacon Meadows… Bone Crusher Solid

Hi. My name is Bone Crusher Solid and I was born in november. I’ve been singing my whole life. I’m a song-writer and a singer. I enjoy bands such as Disturbed, Mudvayne, HellYeah, Metallica, 3 Doors Down, and Three Days Grace. I practice all the time and I hope to someday hit it big. I was born to sing and entertain and I’ve come to truly believe that. I’m looking to join a band or create my own. I’m ready to go and ROCK HARD!!

Bone Crusher Solid is a multi-genre vocalist, actor and porn star based in Zephyrhills, Florida. In his spare time, he writes stories and works out. He has been with Beacon Meadows since 2007.


Meet Beacon Meadows… Jake Newton

image by Don Thomas

07/06/87 1:32AM somewhere in Hawaii.
They took me to Virginia after that. Kansas. Florida. Back to Virginia. Japan. Back to Florida. Escaped to Columbia, SC in ’09.
likes: patient atmosphere and tasteful repetitiveness.
dislikes: transparent motivation

“I think one of the most dangerous forces in the word is the one that proceeds from being absolutely sure you’re right.” – a friend of a friend

Jake Newton is a multi-instrumentalist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is releases his solo material as Wife Swamp and is a member of The Electric Mainline Players (with MAN3). Alongside his ventures in the world of music, he occasionally makes promotional videos for Beacon Meadows, is a talented comedian and a contributing writer for The Passive.


Meet Beacon Meadows… Tvitkh

Tvitkh is a heavily experimental, mostly instrumental, minimalistic, “post industrial” / electro(nic)(a) / IDM / EBM / progresive solo project effort started in 2005 by me, Chais “Tvitkh” Kennedy Ransom & is still going just as strong today.

Influences: my cousin Pepper, & my Uncle Tim, as well as a small couple of mates I met through highschool & college, who were probably the first to introduce me into the world of music, introducing me into the likes of punk/punk rock, but then also a lot of classic rock, such as Pink Floyd, Tool, Black Sabbath & Bowie, as well as just general stuff I saw on Rage &/or heard on the radio back in the day as a kid.

It was there that I started branching off & exploring into other areas, bands like Regurgitator / Spiderbait / Happyland found me growing into a liking for more electronic music, so it was then that I started fishing for Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk & The Prodigy styled music.
A lot of these afore-mentioned acts got me into looking into other bands that put on great live shows & had good stage presence, & / or were controversial / “rebellious” at least according to your parents.. 😛 & the rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Tool & Bowie made me branch out into other similar bands around that took influence from them or were similar / even competetive in a way, more artsy-with-their-imagery & contorversial artists, thus I discovered bands such as Coal Chamber, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Mindless Self Indulgence, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, KMFDM, MDFMK, Skinny Puppy & Ohgr.

Other influences include: Bauhaus, Mötley Crüe, Mudvayne, Jean Michel Jarre, The Alan Parsons Project, Mussolini Headkick, Emigrate, Static X, A Perfect Circle, Rabbit Junk, Laibach & Rottersand.

Some of my biggest influences today include: KMFDM/MDFMK, Skinny Puppy, Ohgr, Depeche Mode, Marilyn Manson, Tim Skold, The Knife, Rammstein, NIN, Sonic Mayhem, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Slick Idiot, Neon Womb, Shotgun Messiah, The Prodigy, Daft Punk, En Esch, Kraftwerk, Will Nevins & Kevin Riepl, Guenter Schulz, SAM, Excessive Force, Deadmau5.

Tvitkh is an electronic music producer and illustrator based in Hobart, Tasmania. He releases his own material under his Tvitkh project, as well as Kvivr (and the Kvivr predecessor hAN6dMAN) and is also the member of several collaborative projects: Ghost Town Breeding Ground (with MAN3) and tEmper VI (with Emperat). Being from South Australia, he was the first Beacon Meadows member to be from outside America. In addition to his many contributions to the world of music, he also is quite an accomplished illustrator. He has been involved with Beacon Meadows since 2006.


Meet Beacon Meadows… Hippie

Hippie is a producer, composer, illustrator, author and psychonaut based in Tampa, Florida. Between 2001 and 2006, he and MAN3 co-wrote The Hippie Archives, a report on the drug studies of a now defunct branch of Beacon Meadows branch known as the Psychoactive Research Department. He is a member of Kamikaze Moth (with Anthony and MAN3). He has been involved with Beacon Meadows since 2001.

Meet Beacon Meadows… Batrick

Batrick is an untitledbatronica producer, props master and illustrator based in Tampa, Florida. He releases his solo material as Batrick’s Spy Kit. He is a member of Lawnboy (with MAN3) and Big Ass High Trees (with Jacque, MAN3 and Robert Oh). His brothers are MAN3, Magitek and Rorschacht Mitchell, his sister is Jennifer Miecz and his father is Captain Skyhook.

Meet Beacon Meadows… MAN3

Like the devil, I am known by many names. Reverend Michael A. Nalley, MAN3, Evil Jesus and Robby Tussin are but a few. It all depends on the circumstances in which we first meet. I was born at 4:20 (AST) on John Lennon’s birthday in Tampa, Florida, where I have an amazing family that I am very proud of. I have three brothers (Magitek, Batrick and Rorschacht Mitchell) and a sister (Jennifer Miecz). I am lucky enough to have the coolest parents in the world, who have the coolest parents in the world. I’m proudest of all though, of my daughter Lilith, the coolest fucking kid ever. I started recording my own music in 2000-2001 under the name VARN Industries, which I continue to do today. As such, each VARN Industries release is another peak into my life, my mind and my feelings at the time it was recorded. I’m also involved in several collaborative projects with many other Beacon Meadows members. I’m very interested in anti-utopian literature, psychedelics and mind expansion, religion (and the typical hypocrisy of it), astronomy, shipwrecks, sharks, old-school 2D video games (especially the early Super Mario and Legend Of Zelda series, Final Fantasy VI, Burger Time, Asteroids, Space Invaders, etc.), zombies (whether they are in movies, comics or video games) and science fiction (especially Star Trek).

MAN3 is an electrodada producer, circuit bender, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Tampa, Florida. He releases his solo material as VARN Industries and is also a member of several collaborative projects: Lawnboy (with Batrick), Underground Pipe Labyrinth (with Skunky), Ghost Town Breeding Ground (with Tvitkh), Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest (with Xaos Beast), Embryo Concepts (with Vagabondage), The Electric Mainline Players (with Jake Newton), Noble Salvage (with Francis Co and Robert Oh), MDM (with Robert Oh and J. Matthew Snell), Dr. Robert MD (with Robert Oh), Big Ass High Trees (with Batrick, Jacque and Robert Oh), MDFM Hospital Radio (with …Hi, Robert Oh and Faiyaz Shah), Letitia On Rocks (with Botchbud, …Hi, Robert Oh and Faiyaz Shah), Faiyaz And MAN3 (with Faiyaz Shah), Hydra-Phonics (with Robert Oh and Skunky) and Kamikaze Moth (with Anthony and Hippie). In addition to his contributions to the world of music, he also dabbles in videography and writing. During American football season, he writes a weekly article called “Field Notes From Fantasy Football” under the pseudonym Coach (My Name Here) Nalley. His brothers are Magitek, Batrick and Rorschacht Mitchell, his sister is Jennifer Miecz and his father is Captain Skyhook.