Family History

Beacon Meadows is an art collective that was started in 2001 by brothers MAN3, Magitek and Batrick. It is named after a place where the brothers used to hang out with friends and get really high. It was in fact, by a complete act of fate, that while trying to catch a cat in a strange neighborhood, MAN3 and Joe Haun came upon the actual Beacon Meadows Park, which became a chill spot immediately for the large group of friends that stuck together in those days. The idea of several people coming together from all different angles and creating something special and unique continues to drive Beacon Meadows to this day. Since its beginning, Beacon Meadows has come to include dozens of artists of all mediums from around the world.

In the first few years, Beacon Meadows consisted solely of the three brothers, each with his own solo project (VARN Industries, Magitekno and Batrick’s Spy Kit), though Joe Haun and Hippie were early collaborators. In the first year, Hippie and MAN3, with some early assistance from MyKaos, started work on what would end up being a seven year project called “The Hippie Archives” in which several psychoactive chemicals were researched and studied. In 2004, Captain Skyhook (MAN3, Magitek and Batrick‘s father) began the first of several collaborations. In 2006, breakbeats specialist DJ Kryp-E (now DJ Kosmic) joined as the first new member and later Batrick brought psychonauts Scott Cooke and Fooska Phil, Masterminded DJ, beatboxer Spanky and outdoors-man Thomas into the fold. Between 2004 and 2006, MAN3, Magitek and Batrick, with the help of Big Daddy, Hippie, Masterminded DJ, Ray and Spanky, conducted several research studies at W.T. Edwards Tuberculosis Hospital of Tampa.

Chego and psycho-organic folk artist Skunky joined in 2006, and along with Skunky joining, the first collaborative music project between two Beacon Meadows members, Underground Pipe Labyrinth, was formed between MAN3 and Skunky. This period also signified a shift in where most of the psychedelic research would be conducted. Whereas the majority of research had been conducted at W.T. Edwards Tuberculosis Hospital of Tampa over the last few years, most studies were instead being held at either The Toxic Jungle, where both the Underground Pipe Labyrinth (the place, not the band) and Abandoned Bird Sanctuary were located or Thomas’ Woods at Lake Thomas. Early in the year, Australian musician Tvitkh joined, becoming the first member outside the United States, and formed the collaborative project Ghost Town Breeding Ground with MAN3. In late 2006, painter/tattoo artist rEvolution (now Don Thomas) and rapper Bluesteeze became a part of the family. In 2007, Beacon Meadows saw the addition of promotions chick Rachel, comedian/musician Jake Newton, multi-genre DJ Wes and actor/porn star/singer Bone Crusher Solid. MAN3 and Batrick also did several collaborations with rap collective Blow Ya Mind Ent., consisting of T, Prophet, Pop and Crow. By the end of 2007, all of the extended psychoactive studies that had been started throughout the course of Beacon Meadows‘s early history came to a conclusion, although no conclusions were made.

With MAN3‘s relocation to Canada in 2008 came the informal creation of Beacon Meadows North with members from the Great White North: psy-trance DJ Xaos Beast (with whom MAN3 started the project Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest) and producer Vagabondage (with whom MAN3 started the project Embryo Concepts). Tvtkh also started his first side-project, hAN6dMAN. Later, in 2009, Vagabondage introduced MAN3 to vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Robert Oh who would collaborate on many projects with Beacon Meadows, including managing Beacon Meadows North. Tvitkh also started the collaborative project tEmper VI with fellow Australian musician Emperat. During Skunky’s 2009 visit to Toronto, he and MAN3 invited videographer/musician Botchbud to join the family.

In 2010, MAN3 and Jake Newton formed the collaborative project The Electric Mainline Players and Doc Cromp signed on to help with promotions in the New York area. The following year, in 2011, Tvitkh formed his second side-project, Kvivr. Later in the year, Robert Oh introduced MAN3 to Georgia blues-man J. Matthew Snell and the three formed the experimental blues jam band MDM with some collaborations from singer-songwriter Aduran De Ronov (vocalist and guitarist for Rise Of The Lion). Jennifer Miecz and Rorschacht Mitchell (MAN3, Magitek and Batrick‘s younger sister and brother and accomplished dancers) put together a pilot episode for The CrazyPandaDay Show towards the end of the year.

In early 2012, MAN3 and Skunky launched the Beacon Meadows imprint Hyena Productions and Skunky began work on a collaborative album with Botchbud. During their visit to Toronto in March of 2012, Batrick and multi-media artist Jacque (Wes‘ sister), formed the jam band Big Ass High Trees with MAN3 and Robert Oh. In June of 2012, singer-songwriter Jonny Jenaro (vocalist for Algorhythm Sky and former vocalist of Fail Safe, who Joe Haun played bass for) began working with Beacon Meadows. Back in Georgia, July of 2012 saw J. Matthew Snell begin work on his new project, Only Eyes For You. November of 2012 saw the official launch of Beacon Meadows North, a Canadian specific imprint managed by Robert Oh. The following month, Oregon electronic dance artist Michael Nalley (recording as Devious Light) began working with Beacon Meadows.

In April of 2013, MAN3, Robert Oh and Skunky released a collaborative album as Hydra-Phonics. In August of 2013. MAN3 (as Coach (My Name Here) Nalley) began writing his weekly fantasy football themed series Field Notes From Fantasy Football. In March of 2014, Botchbud began managing Hyena Productions. In August of 2014, digital media artist Vincent Brisotti began working with Beacon Meadows. March of 2015 saw the addition of Vincent Kern to the promo team for the Portland, Oregon area. In October of 2016, Anthony began working with Beacon Meadows and formed the band Kamikaze Moth with Hippie and MAN3.

Beacon Meadows Catalogue (Music)

BMM02-000 Lawnboy: Welcome To Here (Pre-Beacon Meadows demo)

BMM01-000 Big Brother 4 President: A Bowl Of Worms (Pre-Beacon Meadows demo)

BMM01-0100 VARN Industries Volume I: 1984 Soundtrack
BMM01-0101 VARN Industries: The Proles
BMM01-0102 VARN Industries: As Seen On TV
BMM01-0103 VARN Industries: Songs Of HPVAC

BMM01-0200 VARN Industries Volume II: Stoned Age
BMM01-0201 VARN Industries: The Three Parables Of Hippie And MAN3
BMM01-0202 VARN Industries: untitled: undated
BMM01-0203 VARN Industries: The THC Sessions

BMM01-0300 VARN Industries Volume III: Angel

BMM02-01 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Knuckle
BMM02-02 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Fill Me Up Another Cup Of Booze
BMM03-01 Magitekno: Magitek’s Totally Baked Album
BMM01-0400 VARN Industries Volume IV: Mind Expansion Kit
BMM01-0401 VARN Industries: Cream Cheese And Sugar

BMM01-0500 VARN Industries Volume V: The W.T. Edwards Project
BMM02-03 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Zzzzzz
BMM01-0501 VARN Industries: Make Way For Willy
BMM02-04 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Hipopno
BMM01-0502 VARN Industries: Pappy On Piano
BMM02-05 Batrick’s Spy Kit: bffForever

BMM01-0600 VARN Industries Volume VI: Original Material
BMM01-0601 VARN Industries: Supplemental Material
BMM02-06 Batrick’s Spy Kit: A Book Without Words
BMM01-0A00 VARN Industries Appendix A: 1999-2006
BMM01-0A01 VARN Industries: Dog-Warriors
BMM02-07 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Songs For The Ambulance Bay
BMM02-08 Batrick’s Spy Kit: New Folder
BMM02-09 Batrick’s Spy Kit: In Progress
BMM02-10 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Trance Threat
BMM02-11 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Newestersesetest CD
BMM05-01 Masterminded DJ: Tranced
BMM08-00 Tvitkh: Horrified Eccentric
BMM08-02 Tvitkh: Toxins
BMM08-03 Tvitkh: 3rr0rtate
BMM08-04 Tvitkh: TK-47
BMM08-05 Tvitkh: §0undw0rm (a.k.a. TopKnotch)
BMM08-06 Tvitkh: Humanity Is Dead
BMM01-0A02 VARN Industries: Digital Voice Recordings Of Subliminal Terrorism
BMM01-0A03 VARN Industries: The Lost Tracks

BMM02-12 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Dream Cosmonaut
BMM02-13 Batrick’s Spy Kit: No Yet Decided
BMM20-01 DJ Dellreef: Thugz And Geezers Mix
BMM05-02 Masterminded DJ: Acid Rain
BMM05-03 Masterminded DJ vs. VARN Industries: Megamix, Vol. I
BMM12-02 Noisekiller: Wes’ Tracks
BMM12-03 Noisekiller: Bling The Nuts
BMM12-04 Noisekiller: Newmix101207b
BMM06-01 Skunky: Beacon Meadows Soundbites
BMM06-02 Skunky: Tripballs EP
BMM06-03 Skunky: Am I Too Loud?
BMM01-0700 VARN Industries Volume VII: Something
BMM01-0701 VARN Industries: Common Anomalies
BMM01-0702 VARN Industries: Medium Tackle Box
BMM01-0703 VARN Industries: East Central Stairs
BMM08-07 Tvitkh: No Rest For The Wicked
BMM08-08 Tvitkh: Lonely Company
BMM08-09 Tvitkh: The Worst Is Yet To Come
BMM08-10 Tvitkh: Neither Man Nor Machine
BMM08-11 Tvitkh: Guilty Party
BMM08-12 Tvitkh: 13ALAGAN
BMM08-13 Tvitkh: I Will Not Go Quietly
BMM07-01 Underground Pipe Labyrinth: Psycho-Organic Folk For Prehistoric Punks
BMM07-02 Underground Pipe Labyrinth: St. Anthony’s Fire
BMM02-14 Batrick’s Spy Kit: From Scractch
BMM12-05 Wes: Old Mini-Mixes (2005-2007)
BMM12-06 Wes: Old Rip Mix
BMM12-07 Wes: Darker Technologies
BMM02-15 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Yoshi’s Egg
BMM13-01 Bone Crusher Solid: Disturbed In December

BMM09-01 Ghost Town Breeding Ground: Skeleton Crew
BMM08-14 Tvitkh: Anathema
BMM08-15 Tvitkh: Technofear (a.k.a. Hyperreal)
BMM08-16 Tvitkh: Lucidity
BMM08-17 Tvitkh: Mind Your Head (a.k.a. Reinvent)
BMM09-02 Ghost Town Breeding Ground: Mersion
BMM07-03 Underground Pipe Labyrinth: Fair Spanish Maidens
BMM01-0800 VARN Industries Volume VIII: Apocalypse, Then Genesis
BMM01-0801 VARN Industries: Strange New World
BMM07-04 Underground Pipe Labyrinth: Greater Than Three, Less Than Four
BMM08a-01 hAN6dMAN: Entity
BMM08-18 Tvitkh: Pretty Ugly EP

BMM06-04 Skunky: Canadian Passport (Original Soundtrack)
BMM08-19 Tvitkh: DEVOLv
BMM14-01 Kaptain Kensington & The Fungus Forest: Duet
BMM01-0802 VARN Industries: Abandoned Bird Sanctuary
BMM01-0900 VARN Industries Volume IX: Life Begins When Winter Ends
BMM01-0901 VARN Industries: Quickly, Before Winter Returns
BMM01-0902 VARN Industries: The Gambler
BMM15-01 Embryo Concepts: Arrive In K At Old Nav
BMM01-0903 VARN Industries: Hot Tracks For Cold Weather
BMM09-03 Ghost Town Breeding Ground: Third Contact
BMM08-20 Tvitkh: DEVOLish (a.k.a. vART)
BMM08-21 Tvitkh: Unstable
BMM02-16 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Bionic Bunnies
BMM02-17 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Ghostbuster Mash
BMM08-22 Tvitkh: Alien
BMM08-23 Tvitkh: DEVIANT
BMM08-24 Tvitkh: ReitIrate (a.k.a. DEVIANT, pt. 2)
BMM19-01 tEmper VI: tEmper VI
BMM19-02 tEmper VI: Emperat vs. Tvitkh, Vol. I
BMM19-03 tEmper VI: Emperat vs. Tvitkh, Vol. II

BMM11-01 Wife Swamp: Smothered In Nun
BMM01-1000 VARN Industries Volume X: Ten Years Later
BMM01-1001 VARN Industries: Rape Puppetry
BMM01-1002 VARN Industries: Sentimental Stickers
BMM01-1003 VARN Industries: Honey Badger Mating Sounds
BMM09-04 Ghost Town Breeding Ground: Kuroshi (International Mutant Disco)
BMM01-1004 VARN Industries Volume X.V: Late One Night After Ten
BMM01-1005 VARN Industries: Yellow Plastic Soldier
BMM02-18 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Two Mixes And A BBQ
BMM21-01 The Electric Mainline Players: All Slaughter Contains Laughter
BMM08-25 Tvitkh: X
BMM08-26 Tvitkh: Incompatible
BMM08-27 Tvitkh: TV-Itch
BMM01-1006 VARN Industries: Music To Wash Clothes To
BMM01-0B00 VARN Industries Appendix B: 2007-2010
BMM01-0B01 VARN Industries: Item 10 Fringe
BMM01-0B02 VARN Industries: The Complete Guide To Disco Dancing
BMM01-0B03 VARN Industries: Twenty Minute Bend
BMM01-0B04 VARN Industries: Music To Drop Off Resumes To
BMM08-28 Tvitkh: Temporary Sanity
BMM11-02 Wife Swamp: MMX
BMM01-0B05 VARN Industries: The Nigerian Restaurant

BMM02-19 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Spacetraveltrip
BMM02-20 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Hash Browns
BMM08-29 Tvitkh: Y (a.k.a. tVat)
BMM08-30 Tvitkh: SonOfAGlitch
BMM11-03 Wife Swamp: Spiral Half
BMM08-31 Tvitkh: Southern Discomfort
BMM08-32 Tvitkh: Output
BMM08-33 Tvitkh: Intake
BMM02-21 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Live And On Camera
BMM13-02 Bone Crusher Solid: Recording20110707 001-1
BMM08-34 Tvitkh: [auto]biophobik
BMM22-01 Charlie Blood B: Bound For Glory
BMM22-02 Charlie Blood B: Atomic Atoms
BMM22-03 Charlie Blood B: Memory River
BMM23-01 MDM: This Is For When You’re Naked
BMM24-02 MDM: Dick Nazis And Wine Comas
BMM22-04 Charlie Blood B: The Lair Of The Dragons
BMM23-03 MDM: Adventures In Trance And Space
BMM23-04 MDM: Getting Cold
BMM23-05 MDM: Music Made For Torture
BMM21-02 The Electric Mainline Players: The Human Infinipede
BMM23-06 MDM: Late Nights And Early Mornings
BMM08b-01 Kvivr: Past Expiry
BMM22-05 Charlie Blood B: Leaving For Home
BMM01-1100 VARN Industries Volume XI: WWEJD
BMM01-1101 VARN Industries: DeviANCE
BMM01-1102 VARN Industries: Warthog
BMM15-02 Embryo Concepts: Second Album
BMM01-1103 VARN Industries: Eye Tokes And Ass Pokes
BMM01-1104 VARN Industries: On The Phone With Patrick
BMM01-1105 VARN Industries: An Axe To Grind
BMM11-04 Wife Swamp: 2011
BMM01-1106 VARN Industries: New Year’s Gift 2011

BMM08b-02 Kvivr: Anomaly
BMM12-08 Wes: Wild Wagon
BMM02-22 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Brother Against Brother (The 2011 Remasters)
BMM02-23 Batrick’s Spy Kit: A Few More For Good Measure (The 2011 Remasters)
BMM25-01 Big Ass High Trees: Ten Days In Toronto (Original Soundtrack)
BMM25-02 Big Ass High Trees: Pretty Girl (Versions)
BMM02-24 Batrick’s Spy Kit: Canada
BMM08-35 Tvitkh: Mother Artificial
BMM08b-03 Kvivr: Wince
BMM10-01 Bluesteeze: Bluereign
BMM01-1200 VARN Industries Volume XII: Art Or GTFO
BMM01-1201 VARN Industries: kSLASHsf (Score)
BMM01-1202 VARN Industries: Cardiac Hymns
BMM26-00 Fail Safe: Fail Safe
BMM26-01 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar I
BMM26-02 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar II
BMM01-1203 VARN Industries: Puppy Training And S&M Studies
BMM28-01 Dr. Robert M.D.: Preliminary Exam
BMM28-02 Dr. Robert M.D.: Contraindications
BMM26-03 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar III
BMM28-03 Dr. Robert M.D.: Med School
BMM26-04 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar IV
BMM26-05 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar V
BMM26-06 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar VI
BMM26-07 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar VII
BMM01-1204 VARN Industries: Proper Etiquette For The Endtimes
BMM26-08 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar VIII
BMM09-05 Ghost Town Breeding Ground: Ghost Galaxies, pt. 1
BMM26-09 Jonny Jenaro: Jonny & His Acoustic Guitar IX
BMM08-36 Tvitkh: Interrobang (a.k.a. Bonehead)
BMM22a-00 Only Eyes For You: Bayou Cafe Demo
BMM08-37 Tvitkh: Fidget (a.k.a. Earsore)
BMM29-01 Devious Light: Some Form Of Expression (2010-2012)
BMM11-05 Wife Swamp: 2012A
BMM11-06 Wife Swamp: 2012B
BMM11-07 Wife Swamp: 2012C
BMM01-1205 VARN Industries: So We Survived 2012

BMM02a-01 Batrick vs. DJ Kryp-E: Annihilating Rhythm (The Lost Mini-Mixes)
BMM08b-04 Kvivr: Laxitate
BMM22a-01 Only Eyes For You: Mad City
BMM30-01 Hydra-Phonics: Legend Of The Blue Hyena
BMM01-1300 VARN Industries Volume XIII: Growing Pains
BMM08-38 Tvitkh: Below And Beyond
BMM00-01 Beacon Meadows Presents The Unheard Tracks, Vol. 1
BMM08-39 Tvitkh: hedOn
BMM08-39b Tvitkh: VicTavSets
BMM01-1301 VARN Industries: Astonishing Tales Of Pizza, Reefer And Comics

BMM08-40 Tvitkh: Absubtract
BMM00-02 Beacon Meadows Presents The Unheard Tracks, Vol. 2
BMM01a-01 MAN3: Chillin’ Late One Night
BMM01-1400 VARN Industries Volume XIV: God Bless The Dirty South

BMM01-1401 VARN Industries: Sex, Drugs And Bkawk & Roll
BMM01-0C00 VARN Industries Appendix C: 2011-2014
BMM26-10 Jonny Shaw: Night The Moon Ate The Stars
BMM27-01 Captain Skyhook: Captain Skyhook Conquers The Universe
BMM01-1500 VARN Industries Volume XV: The Passion Of The Antichrist
BMM01-1501 VARN Industries: The Smashing Of The Anarchist

BMM01-1600 VARN Industries Volume XVI: Anno Daemon
BMM01-1601 VARN Industries: Hospital Memories
BMM01-1602 VARN Industries: Midnight On The First Floor
BMM28-01 Anthony: The Humble Years
BMM29-01 Kamikaze Moth: Wake Up
BMM08-41 Tvitkh: Off-Kilter

BMM01-1700 VARN Industries Volume XVII: Rapture Party Music
BMM29-02 Kamikaze Moth: Go To Sleep
BMM29-03 Kamikaze Moth: Praise The Ammunition
BMM01-1701 VARN Industries: Killing Zombies Everyday
BMM01-1702 VARN Industries: Third Reich Thug Life
BMM01-1703 VARN Industries: Bath Salt Barbie
BMM28-02 Atomic Reaction: Atomic Reaction
BMM28-03 Dark Seraphim: Dark Medleys
BMM01-1704 VARN Industries: Fake News

Beacon Meadows Catalogue (Writings)

BMW02-001 Jonny Jenaro: We All Have “THE” Answer (February 02, 2013)
BMW02-002 Jonny Jenaro: Banality To Mention
BMW02-003 Jonny Jenaro: Humans, We Are A Selfish And Self Centered Thing (July 10, 2013)

BMW04-001 Doc Cromp: Haikus
BMW04-002 Doc Cromp: Haikus 2
BMW04-003 Doc Cromp: Haikus 3
BMW04-004 Doc Cromp: Chapter 1.1
BMW04-005 Doc Cromp: Deal Breakers
BMW04-006 Doc Cromp: Haikus 4
BMW05-001 Vincent Brisotti: Is Love A Drug?
BMW06-001 Scott Cooke: Haikus

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