Anthony: Anti Music

Much like anti-rap, just musically void of any basic structural rhythms that would come to be expected of basic genres or its sub counterparts. Kamikaze was an invention of multitudes of genres, just tired pop culture bullshit. The world as we see it here at Beacon Meadows view it as recycled laughable garbage. All of these genres, all running out of material and now interweaving, are all creating sounds that have become quite mundane and ultimately mind-numbing.

So with that, we will invent the wheel once again to help music progress as a whole through the ages keeping that wheel spinning. So while adhering to the many truths that await us in our personal lives, a listener will be able to relate with us in our messages that will make a person self-aware in their own lives as well. Much like a bible, this is just an outline for anyone that isn’t a believer. Although we do include an additional twist of humor, we hope to entertain as well.

Something has to change and Kamikaze will hopefully certainly set that little popularity contest on fucking fire. Nothing is sacred here so “if you get offended, well then maybe you needed to be offended” as Suicidal Tendencies once stated. Additionally with that, as quoted by the amazing artist and acidic singer known as Dax Riggs, “Say good night to the world.” Well, your world of musical repetitiveness anyways. Sit back and enjoy something entirely new. Take our hand into a new creative approach for the new worlds listening pleasures and good night!

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