VARN Industries Volume XVII: Rapture Party Music

VARN Industries Volume XVII: Rapture Party Music
This is the sixty-eighth VARN Industries album, recorded in 2017.

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VARN Industries Volume XVII: Rapture Party Music

“When I was seventeen, I started recording as VARN Industries. Now, VARN Industries is seventeen years old. In that time, I’ve covered a lot of ground and topics. Sometimes, the world needs the Reverend. Sometime, the world needs Evil Jesus. Right now, the world needs MAN3. I’ve been saying it since the beginning and if you haven’t done it yet, its high time you go out, get a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 and start reading.”

01. VARN Industries – Hymn For The Haunted
02. VARN Industries – Salvation
03. VARN Industries – Third Reich Thug Life
04. VARN Industries – Time Lapsing
05. VARN Industries – Acid Symphony
06. VARN Industries – Drugged Up Joan Of Arc
07. VARN Industries – Killing Zombies Everyday (Intro)
08. VARN Industries – Killing Zombies Everyday
09. VARN Industries – Guilty Of What
10. VARN Industries – An Ocean Of Corrupted Tears

Hymn For The Haunted [music: MAN3] . Salvation [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Third Reich Thug Life [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Time Lapsing [lyrics: Batrick/music: MAN3] vocals: Batrick . Acid Symphony [music: MAN3, Anthony] guitar: Anthony . Drugged Up Joan Of Arc [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Killing Zombies Everyday (Intro) [created by MAN3] . Killing Zombies Everyday [lyrics and music: MAN3] . Guilty Of What [lyrics: C. Manson/music: MAN3] vocals: C. Manson . An Ocean Of Corrupted Tears [music: MAN3] .

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Carroll Grove, Tampa, except [track 4 vocals @ Batrick’s Game Room, Tampa] & [track 5 guitars & track 10 @ Rockaholics Studio, Tampa] / Thank you: my daughter Lilith, my family, Anthony, Batrick, Babe Zaharias Golf Course, Call Of Duty Black Ops: Zombies, Legend, Madonna Wayne Gacy, KMFDM, Charles Manson, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, George Orwell, Powerman 5000, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, George Romero, Nick Swardson, The Walking Dead / VARN Catalogue Number: 1700 /

One thought on “VARN Industries Volume XVII: Rapture Party Music”

  1. Hello fellow Beacon Meadows fans, artists, writers, and musicians. If you have not yet heard it I highly recommend Varn Industry’s VOL XVII : RAPTURE PARTY MUSIC .

    Reviews from Botchbud:
    “This is cool. Probably my favorite album from VARN so far. It sounds good quality to me and the lyrics are amazing, starkly lining up with the times and everything that is happening around us now. It’s blowing my mind. The instrumental has the perfect levels of enlightened and sinister. It creeps you the heck out but also opens your mind. It tells you that what your mind’s eye is seeing is no joke. Or is it?
    Performed live this could bring out swarms from the depths of humanity all synchronistically jamming out.
    The experience of this album is: As an individual in a world of billions, you are only one, there is only so much you can do. Things are not like they were before. Your best friends could now be your enemies. The unexpected should have been expected but you were too busy being ignorant that you forgot about reality. But you hadn’t really forgotten. It’s just all so stupefying that you couldn’t help being in the corner you’re in now. But you could do anything and be anything and you never know what will happen. Whether it’ll be for the better or for the worse. And that goes without saying the outside world will play a huge part in what you become, since it’s us on the outside looking in”.

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