Kamikaze Moth: Wake Up

Kamikaze Moth: Wake Up
This is the first Kamikaze Moth album, recorded in 2016.

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Kamikaze Moth: Wake Up

01. Kamikaze Moth – Interlude
02. Kamikaze Moth – Untitled (from “The Hippie Archives”)
03. Kamikaze Moth – Something Real
04. Kamikaze Moth – Nightmare Anthem
05. Kamikaze Moth – The South Tampa Wild West Show
Bonus Track
06. Kamikaze Moth – The Nightmare Within (Clean Version)

Interlude [lyrics: Hippie/music: Anthony] drums, guitars: Anthony; vocals: Hippie . Untitled (from “The Hippie Archives”) [lyrics: Hippie/music: Anthony, MAN3] atmospheres, text-to-speech, triangle: MAN3; drums: Anthony, MAN3; guitars: Anthony; vocals: Hippie . Something Real [lyrics: Anthony/music: Anthony, Hippie, MAN3] drums: Hippie; guitars: Anthony, MAN3; vocals: Anthony . Nightmare Anthem [lyrics: Hippie, MAN3/music: Anthony, MAN3] guitars: Anthony; laughter, thumb piano: Hippie; synth: MAN3; vocals: Anthony, Hippie, MAN3 . The South Tampa Wild West Show [lyrics: Hippie/music: Anthony, Batrick, MAN3] drums: Batrick; guitars: Anthony; synth: MAN3; vocals: Hippie . The Nightmare Within (Clean Version) [lyrics: Hippie/music: Anthony, MAN3] guitars: Anthony; laughter, vocals: Hippie; synth: MAN3 .

Produced by Anthony / Written and performed by Anthony, Hippie and MAN3, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Rockaholics Studio, Tampa / Anthony thanks: I would like to give thanks to God first and foremost without him I’d probably be in jail then ultimately would never have met MAN3 this year. So with that, I would also like to give a huge thanks to MAN3 himself for allowing me to be a part of the Beacon Meadows family, so incredibly awesome and has been such a f&*(ing thrill learning and picking from his brain, thank you man so much. And finally, to my long time friend Hippie, without him, none of the equipment, none of anything for that matter this year would have been provided. I owe you dude!! / Hippie thanks: Odin / MAN3 thanks: my daughter Lilith, my bandmates Anthony and Hippie, Batrick, Infomercials (Adult Swim), Nine Inch Nails, Off The Air, The Eric Andre Show, The RZA, The Speedy Diver, Wikileaks /

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