Meet Beacon Meadows… Anthony

Whats going on people. Name’s Anthony, been a lover of Metal/ Rock n roll and Techno and Rap since I could remember but it wasn’t until ’98 when I first heard that monstrous Black album by Metallica that I decided to pick up a guitar. Which that finally came in my early twenties when I was able to actually afford one. Now in my mid twenties I went to a broadcasting school which failed miserably because of drugs and alcohol which made it hard to focus. However I did obtain some knowledge from it which I still use today using both Apple programs. It wasn’t until this year, through long time friend Hippie that I linked up with an old schoolmate MAN3 whom decided to give this whole thing a shot, which of course I was very eager being that it is my first time being involved in anything musical. I am absolutely stoked to be on Beacon Meadows, it’s an honor and a privilege to be here with so many creative artist I can not thank these guys enough. Well dear fans please stick around as we continue creating some excellent madness for your earholes. Rock on baby!!!

Anthony is a guitarist and producer based in Tampa, Florida. He is a member of Kamikaze Moth (with Hippie and MAN3) and also records solo as Dark Seraphim (Christian Metal) and Atomic Reaction (electronic). He has been with Beacon Meadows since 2016.

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