VARN Industries Volume XVI: Anno Daemon

VARN Industries Volume XVI: Anno Daemon
This is the sixty-fifth VARN Industries album, recorded in 2016.

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VARN Industries Volume XVI: Anno Daemon

“The third time cycle has completed. The ten year old child that would be Evil Jesus has become Eleven has become Thirteen has become Fourteen has become Fifteen. Beyond the chronological divide is Anno Daemon, the first year of the demon. Fifteen has become Sixteen. The first son of the first fallen, drunk and bloated on the blood and tears of those that stood in his way during his growing pains, has risen again to take his place high in the after-shadow of a forgotten world. Drawing from the past only to feed the future beast he’s become, he must carry the weight of knowing the gate to Eden was destroyed with the hospital on that fateful day many years ago. Will his hospital memories be enough to put things right again?”

01. VARN Industries – Guten Morgen Mein Freund
02. VARN Industries – Lake Of Fire
03. VARN Industries – Hospital Memories
04. VARN Industries – Disgusting Little Creatures
05. VARN Industries – Scum
06. VARN Industries – Infernal Divinity
07. VARN Industries – Beneath The World Of Creeks And Laughter
08. VARN Industries – Midnight On The First Floor
09. VARN Industries – The Regional Unperson’s League Silent Choir

Produced by MAN3 / Written and performed by MAN3 / Recorded and mixed @ Sailwinds, Tampa / Thank you: My daughter Lilith, my family, Atari 2600, Captain Skyhook, Cleopatra Records tribute albums, Pat Contri, Full House, Gravity Kills, Jazmin LaBrie, Magitek, MC Hammer, Nine Inch Nails, Nintendo Virtual Boy, James Rolfe & Mike Matei, Sega Game Gear, SONOIO, The Avalanches, The Video Game Years, WARP:ROUTINE, X-Files, Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell / VARN Catalogue Number: 1600 /

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