Scott Cooke: Haikus 2

So i never knew
I will have to Google it
For my rebuttal

So yeah, good for you…
For having a mop down there,
You win this haiku

Got me mystified
With your sequential haikus
And I’m lovin’ it

Time to celebrate
Some imperialism
Conquer all turkey

At hobby lobby
Kinda wanna make a drone
That will shoot your dog

Start the year anew
With a fresh and sweet haiku
Internet kisses

Got som protein bars
Goin to get big and swol
Maybe tomorrow

Nightmare at Big Lots
Half off Velveeta cheese blocks
Oprah magazines

“This is a man’s world!
But it wouldn’t be nothin,
Without a woman….”

Worst feeling ever?
blue porta – potty back splash
With no more T.P.

playin neopets
found som giant omelette
made from meerca neggs

goddammit boss im worth more
than what you pay me…

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