Chego: Superbowl Rant

Lame ass Super Bowl, I don’t watch football anyway why would I watch one game that don’t even have teams I like in it. ……what’s funny is most of you don’t watch football either but are posting something bout “your team” getting that touchdown and “yay seahawks” when in reality you like the redskins and never watch football anyway. What are you doing guys being plastic to impress your friends. Feeling left out so you have to be part of a Superbowl to have a social life. ……. Lame

Try asking your friends to come do something you like that they don’t. See if they are so quick to come to your kids Super Bowl party as you were to go to theirs (probably for the drinks and food and drugs). See if they show the same excitement you did when their team scored if your kid scores. No it don’t happen like that. People are fake and just so lame. I just don’t understand why you don’t watch football all year and then the Super Bowl comes and you’re so excited about a Superbowl party and you absolutely have to see them play…… Hahaha you don’t even know the rules of the game fake ass. Uggggh. Whatever. I DO HOPE EVERYONE ENJOYED THE GAME, FOOTBALL FANS AND FOOTBALL FAKES. I was busy NOT WATCHING the superbowl. Hee hee :)

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