Tvitkh: Fidget (a.k.a. Earsore)

Tvitkh: Fidget (a.k.a. Earsore)
This is the thirty-seventh Tvitkh album, recorded in 2012. “Paris” was originally performed by M.O.O.N..

“The latest addition to the Tvitkh Katalog & perhaps some of my best work yet if i do say so myself. ‘Tvitkh: Fidget (a.k.a. Earsore)’; the soundtrack to the end of the world. ;D very happy with the finished product. please feel free to do me a favor & check it out, its free like everything else i do & it may be the last work i do for some time again. Cheers & Enjoy!”

01. Tvitkh – Fidget (a.k.a. Earsore)
02. Tvitkh – A Good Run
03. Tvitkh – Blood And Sugar
04. Tvitkh – Bunkum
05. Tvitkh – Cornucopia
06. Tvitkh – False Negative (Ill Effective)
07. Tvitkh – Invasion
08. Tvitkh – Peripheral
09. Tvitkh – The Strangest Thing
10. Tvitkh – Second Skin
Bonus Tracks
11. Tvitkh – Paris (Smoker’s Lung Rework)
12. Tvitkh – Bunkum (Jarring Mix)
13. Tvitkh – Cornucopia (Grahzny Batchny Mix)

written by Tvitkh, except [track 10 by Tvitkh & Emperat] & [track 11 by M.O.O.N.]

>>Download here:
Tvitkh: Fidget (a.k.a. Earsore)

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