The Electric Mainline Players: The Human Infinipede

The Electric Mainline Players: The Human Infinipede
This is the second The Electric Mainline Players album, recorded in 2011.

“It took nearly two years for Jake and I to assemble this second collection of madness. We would send tracks back and forth via e-mail, fine tuning this and that until each song was sufficiently strange and unusual. I had a vision of something being processed through a system, continuously being reduced, reused and recycled literally into oblivion, to a point where this something breaks down into concentrated, pure evil diamond that rips a hole in the fabric of the universe to a parallel dimension where it can continue to exist, like a Satanic particle accelerator. I use my circuit bent Scientific Toys digital drums on a few tracks and Jake plays his Bontempi Hit Organ on several tracks. “Sermon, pt. 2” features an old, unused freestyle and some ad-libs from Crow and Prophet in 2007. The beat was made of modem noises. “Winding Down” features J. Matthew Snell on guitar and Francis Co on bass, with some background voices by Robert Oh. “Ye Cats” features recordings from a 2006 salvia study by Batrick, Magitek and myself.”

01. The Electric Mainline Players – Sermon, pt. 1
02. The Electric Mainline Players – Sermon, pt. 2
03. The Electric Mainline Players – The Selfish Shellfish
04. The Electric Mainline Players – Demma
05. The Electric Mainline Players – Electrodada Freestyle
06. The Electric Mainline Players – Go To Sleep, Little Creep
07. The Electric Mainline Players – Good Vibes
08. The Electric Mainline Players – Starbase FFX92411
09. The Electric Mainline Players – Nico’s Ample Grooves
10. The Electric Mainline Players – Verge (Crime Factory, pt. 1)
11. The Electric Mainline Players – You Sell It Very Well
12. The Electric Mainline Players – Never Get This Negative, Natch
13. The Electric Mainline Players – Sugar (Crime Factory, pt. 2) WATCH MUSIC VIDEO ON YOUTUBE
14. The Electric Mainline Players – Think At Your Own Speed
15. The Electric Mainline Players – Winding Down
16. The Electric Mainline Players – Ye Cats

Sermon, pt. 1 [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Sermon, pt. 2 [lyrics: J. Newton, Crow, Prophet/music: MAN3, J. Newton] rap vocals: Crow, Prophet . The Selfish Shellfish [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Demma [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Electrodada Freestyle [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Go To Sleep, Little Creep [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Good Vibes [lyrics: MAN3/music: MAN3, J. Newton] answering machine messages: M. Dickerson, K. Miecznikowski, P. O’Shea . Starbase FFX92411 [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Nico’s Ample Grooves [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Verge (Crime Factory, pt. 1) [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . You Sell It Very Well [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Never Get This Negative, Natch [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Sugar (Crime Factory, pt. 2) [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Think At Your Own Speed [music: MAN3, J. Newton] . Winding Down [music: MAN3, J. Newton, J.M. Snell, F. Co] background voices: R. Oh; bass: F. Co; guitar: J.M. Snell . Ye Cats [lyrics: Batrick, Magitek/music: MAN3, J. Newton] voices: Batrick, Magitek, MAN3; additional personnel: J. Plummer .

Produced by MAN3 & Jake Newton / Written and performed by MAN3 and Jake Newton, except as noted / Recorded and mixed @ Queen And Lansdowne Studio, Toronto and The Swamp, Columbia SC, except [tracks 8-14 & 16 @ Windermere Gardens, Toronto and The Swamp, Columbia SC] & [track 15 @ Windermere Gardens, Toronto, Rehearsal Factory, Rm. 212, Toronto and The Swamp, Columbia SC]/ Salvia study held at Oak Manor, Tampa on 02-14-2006 by Batrick, Magitek & MAN3 with Jon Plummer/ MAN3 thanks: my wife Angela, my daughter Lilith, Jake Newton, Batrick, Francis Co, Crow, Magitek, Robert Oh, Jon Plummer, J. Matthew Snell, Prophet, Atari Teenage Riot, BogusNoise, Cage, Dave & Levi, Death Grips, OK·ZTEIN·OK, Otto Von Schirach, Whitest Kids U Know, Rob Zombie /

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The Electric Mainline Players: The Human Infinipede

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